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Soups, stews and curries are perfect for the cooler months.  They are so incredibly flavourful and satisfying.  Ideal also to keep for the next day when the flavours have had a chance to marry and mature beautifully.


I love this recipe for its warming and satisfying flavours and ingredients.  It is so simple to make, literally stir-frying everything before letting all the flavours simmer together.  This is also a recipe that appeals to all generations: parents, kids, grandparents... you name it!  And yet another way to get lots of vegetables on the plate.

Bean and leek soup

bean and leek soup


This soup is a perfect soup for the winter months. Leeks are in season and at their best. The marriage of garlic, leek, oregano and thyme is sensational. It brings together so many warming flavours. The beans bring heartiness to the soup and leave you satisfied for longer. Perfect with a piece of crusty wholegrain bread. Hmmmm.

green bean, corn and squash soup


This hefty soup recipe is perfect for the whole family. The stars of the show are green beans, corn and squash. This delicious combination brings texture and colour to the mix; it is wonderfully warming and hearty. Perfect for a lazy Sunday night or quick lunch on the go. It is even better if you leave it for 24 hours and gently reheat the next day. You cannot go wrong, I promise.

Lentil chilli

lentil chilli


This lentil recipe is perfect on a cold winter day. It brings together many flavours and textures and the end result is hot, wholesome and satisfying. My lentil chilli is also versatile. If you are out of spinach, add kale instead. If you are short on carrots, add a few celery stalks. Whatever fresh vegetable inspires you on the day, it will probably find a place in this chilli. Finally, my chilli keeps for up to a week in the fridge (it actually tastes better the next day) so I keep it handy for a quick lunch on-the-go or a lazy dinner when I don't feel like cooking.


This Indian-style vegetable curry makes an ideal meal for vegetarians and non-vegetarians alike. I make it quite frequently for my family. Everyone finds something they like in this recipe: the parsnips add subtle sweetness for the younger palates whilst the cashews and chickpeas bring a bit of texture. Chilli is an option for the adults. Tell me how you get on!

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