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Soups, stews and curries are perfect for the cooler months.  They are so incredibly flavourful and satisfying.  Ideal also to keep for the next day when the flavours have had a chance to marry and mature beautifully.

Bean and kale stew


This bean stew is another wonderful vegetarian dish to serve on a cold winter day.  It makes for a seriously comforting bowl of nourishing food, one that has slowly been ticking away on the stove.  Perfect for a family meal or a big pot meal that will last for days.


l love simple recipes with flavours that pack a punch!  Chipotle is lovely and smoky without too much heat.  The sweetness of the sweet potato and the red pepper blends beautifully with the chipotle-flavoured chicken.  A winning recipe!


This soup is a gorgeous winter soup.  It is rich, velvety and hugely satisfying.  The fragrant aroma of sage lifts the senses and the smooth texture delights the palate.  Perfect for the festive season! 

Buddha Bowl


I was introduced to this recipe by Janine, C's cousin from Vancouver.  The beauty of this dish is its versatility (one can add any vegetable + tofu or shrimp or other protein source) and its "secret" sauce (a blend of savoury and bitter flavours - very umami).  The Buddha bowl is a great family dish as everyone picks their preferred ingredients and mixes it all together.  Namaste! 


Who does not love homemade meatballs?  These meatballs have a little added extra though: they simmer for over an hour in tomato sauce allowing all the flavours and juices to blend.  They are also made out of lamb, lentils and rice so they are a meal onto themselves.  With a little added greens salad, possibly.

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