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Watermelon "caprese" salad

Summer is here and watermelon truly represents the summer holidays for me.  Here, I have brought together two favourite ingredients to celebrate this wonderful time of year.










Ingredients (serves 6 as a side):

  • 6 half-inch slices of seedless watermelon, cut into small chunks
  • 500g / 2 cups fresh mozzarella (or burratta)
  • 60g / ¼ cup roasted walnuts or almonds
  • 2 Tbsp cold-pressed virgin olive oil 
  • Handful fresh basil or mint roughly chopped
  • Black pepper to taste.


1. Cut the watermelon into slices, then chunks, and place on a deep plate.

2. Cut the fresh mozzarella into small chunks and arrange on top.

3. Roast the walnuts or almonds in a pan on high heat until they start to brown.  Do not burn!

4. Pour the olive oil, scatter the walnuts or almonds and crack some fresh pepper.

5. Before serving, add on the roughly chopped fresh herbs. 


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