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Salads, whether warm or cold, are perfect for any time of year.  The colours, textures, ingredients and flavours are endless.  Salads are the perfect food for bringing more vegetables and pulses into your diet.  Give a new recipe a try!


My best friend and blogger, Ina Kota, is a creative and talented cook. Her blog ( is a sideline with her main focus in life being a mom, an economist and a senior manager in a top US consulting firm. "Multi-talented" only begins to describe her.

Ina introduced me to this dish recently and it has quickly become my "go-to" summer salad. This succulent dish never ceases to dazzle me with its freshness and its contrasting flavours. It is a family favourite in our household and I prepare it almost every week. It is a perfect warm salad on a balmy spring day or refreshing salad on a sizzling summer day.

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