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Pasta is such a staple food in any household.  Here, I share some ideas for new recipes using vegetables and/or pulses to add essential nutrients, fibre and protein.  Bon appétit!




This recipe incorporates a creative way of using the romanesco cauliflower.  Roasting it in the oven with olive oil adds a smokiness to its flavour and a slight crunch to its texture.  I added a few stray mushrooms to the recipe but that is entirely optional.  I have also opted for the healthy version of carbonara by replacing cream with natural yoghurt.  The result is surprisingly good.  

turnip and mushroom pasta


'Tis the season for turnips. I find turnips quite bland and I am always at a loss of how to prepare them. This pasta recipe brings together the slight crunch of the turnip and the earthy chewiness of the mushroom. Add a few greens and voila! The recipe works with any small pasta shape (orzo, macaroni, small bow ties, farfalline). Amazing how a few simple ingredients thrown together create such an interesting and delicious dish. Try it and judge for yourself.


This pasta recipe brings together chilli, chickpeas, lemon and fennel. A winning combination! The chickpeas add nutritious and healthy protein, whilst the fennel and lemon throw in some "zing". Surprisingly tasty and original.


This pasta recipe is another one of my children's favourite. Pasta night is always a special night but pesto pasta night is especially so. I have added the green beans (asparagus are good too) to get that little bit of extra vegetable in. They don't mind. I also vary the pasta shapes to keep them guessing. Have fun!


This is an unusual pasta recipe which I turn to when cavolo nero is in season. It is a great way to eat greens and vegetable protein. The orrechiete (little ear shaped pasta rings) are my favourite pasta shape and complements the other ingredients beautifully.

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