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Pasta is such a staple food in any household.  Here, I share some ideas for new recipes using vegetables and/or pulses to add essential nutrients, fibre and protein.  Bon appétit!



This pasta dish is very much an "grown-up" dish as the flavours pack quite punch: chilli, capers, olives and anchovies provide a very distinctive aroma.  I have learned to love all these umami ingredients and naturally migrate toward them on pizza, pasta or any tomato-based dish.  Strong flavours and contrasting textures... yum!


I prepared this dish when two vegetarian friends came for dinner.  I did not want to make classic pasta and fell upon this Ottolenghi recipe - a different take on a noodle dish.  The secret to the success of this recipe is the combination of fresh herbs and chilli, and the sweet sharpness of the dressing.  It can be served as a substantial starter or turn into a light main course by adding fried firm tofu.

Winter pasta


This winter pasta recipe is warming and deliciously satisfying.  It sneakily blends in lots of winter greens (kale or cavolo nero or savoy cabbage) with a nutritious result and a striking bright green colour.  Kids do not get put off for it looks just like pesto.  Pesto with a twist that is...


Ah, another lovely pasta recipe.  This is another wholesome and satisfying dish, which puts a smile on everyone's face.  There is something about fresh mozzarella mixed in with hot pasta.  It melts and blends together beautifully.  This recipe is simple, quick and delicious!

pasta bolognaise


This pasta bolognaise is our family's go-to dinner on a lazy sunday night.  C. prepares this sauce with lots of gusto and enthusiasm.  He thought of adding the finely minced carrots to add a bit of texture and bring in some more vegetables.  The kids hardly notice and love the taste.  The wine adds depth and flavour (the alcohol evaporates during the cooking process).  The mix of pork and beef is an essential part of this recipe and really makes a difference.  We have also experimented with half lamb/half beef, which is just as good.  C. always says that the sauce tastes better the next day.  I have to agree; somehow the flavours blend together and depend overnight. Enjoy!

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