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Desserts don't always have to be sickly sweet and high in calories.  There are many options for lowering sugar and creating great flavour.  Here are a few staple recipes for any occasion.

Lemon Balm Cake

My kids love this fun cake recipe. It is simple with a hint of lemon flavour. The kids pitch in and observe their creation come to life in the oven. I make it more interesting by using a mould for madeleine cakes. There is less debate about who got the biggest piece! These little cakes are also perfect for lunch boxes.


My kids discovered flapjacks in the U.K. A flapjack in this country is effectively comparable to a chewy granola bar in the U.S. It is not to be mistaken with a pancake; they are two different animals. I make these as they have no added sugar, only the natural sugars found in apples and raisins. I choose to add a small quantity of maple syrup to add flavour and sweetness. My kids love them. I hope yours do too!

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