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Desserts don't always have to be sickly sweet and high in calories.  There are many options for lowering sugar and creating great flavour.  Here are a few staple recipes for any occasion.


This delicious any-time-of-day treat is a healthy and wholesome alternative to any snack.  Chia seeds take center stage alongside dates, almonds and coconut oil.  A great pick-me-up snack!


This delicious pear and chocolate cake comes with a twist.  I add unsweetened greek-style yoghurt, which adds moistness and a slightly tangy flavour.  The kids love the pear and chocolate filling, and the grown-ups taste a slightly more sophisticated flavour than plain cake.  Perfect for lazy sundays or lunch boxes on the go!




This Indian dessert recipe is simply delectable.  It is perfect after a satisfying meal: light and slightly sweet.  Its resemblance to ice cream makes it a favourite on a warm or hot day.  Kulfi is surprisingly easy to make, yet very flavourful.  The green cardamom and saffron give it a truly distinctive taste. 

Apple Tart

apple tart


This apple tart inspired me from the start as it combines almonds with apples.  A match made in heaven!  The apples are sliced very thinly and neatly laid on top of each other.  The end result is quite striking.  The almond cream keeps the tart moist and adds a bit of depth to the apple flavour.  Serve with vanilla ice cream or simply on its own!  Dig in.


I call these oatmeal "surprise" cookies because these cookies have a few tricks up their sleeve. To begin with, the sugar and fat content is kept to a minimum. Then, the sweet and slightly bitter combination of the dried cranberries and dark chocolate has everyone asking for more. Also, my version is gluten-free (coconut flour, almond powder) but plain wholemeal flour could just as easily be used. Finally, you can experiment with this recipe by substituting dried cranberries for raisins, replacing chopped walnuts with almond slivers, or changing chocolate chunks to chocolate sprinkles (always dark chocolate though!). The possibilities are endless!

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