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Providing nutritious and healthy food for children is an important part of any parent's life.  Here I share with you a few "tried and tested" recipes that my kids love. They make eating vegetables a bit more interesting.

Spiced rice roll


I make this rice roll once or twice a month. It is a treat for adults and children alike. Kids love the cranberries and the pastry dough, whilst adults prefer the more refined lemon zest taste. If mushrooms are not a favourite in your house, try replacing with small broccoli florets or grated carrot. Either way, you will find your winning combination!


During the cold long winter months, I get more creative with my children's meals. The added benefit of nutritious and healthy meals becomes apparent, notably in the absence of colds and runny noses... This "chilli" is not spicy but combines the sweetness of butternut squash with the slight bite of quinoa and warmth of chopped tomatoes. Nothing fancy, nothing challenging. Just a simple warming dish for the whole family to help us get through the winter.


The recipe of this courgette pie is a family recipe that has been passed down for multiple generations. It has become the single most requested recipe of my repertoire of recipes. Everyone loves this simple, healthy, wholesome pie. I serve it for lunch, pack it into the kids' lunch boxes or serve it as finger food at parties. It is a truly versatile dish.

Chicken Fajitas


My family's favourite meal hands down is chicken fajitas. These meals are fun: everyone makes their own variation on the theme of chicken and vegetables in a tortilla wrap. My kids love it and I am grateful for the fact that they are getting a generous portion of vegetables in their tummies. Two bonus points!


This dish is always big hit in our family. The kids love corn and prawns and these corn cakes remind them of their sweeter counterpart, pancakes. A sure winner! For the adults in the family, I add a bit of extra oomph at the end by mixing in fresh cilantro and red chilli. As an accompaniment, a fresh tomato salad or mixed green salad will do just fine.

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