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Energy boost in a bottle

Have you experienced mid-afternoon slumps? Do you sometimes feel like snacking but a little voice in your head reminds you that a healthy snack is the wiser option?  Are you sometimes thirsty but tired of drinking water or tea?

I experience all of the above at least once a week but I have two options up my sleeve for an energy boost in the form of a drink.


aiibi pretox

Alibi Pretox

Packed full of nutrition, intensely rehydrating and available in two flavours, Original Citrus and Superfruit Pomegranate, Alibi is a great boost for busy people on-the-go.  I have a slight preference for the citrus version but both are excellent.  Alibi has no caffeine, no artificial ingredients and a great number of important nutrients, of which: milk thistle, dandelion leaf, and artichoke.  Alibi also incorporates all B vitamins, as well as vitamin K at levels of 100% RDA.  Yes, it contains stevia as a sweetener but it is far down the list and is a natural sweetener.

Sheckter's Organic Energy Lite 

This is the first 100% natural, organic certified and Fairtrade approved energy drink.  Ingredients include extracts from raw green coffee beans and guarana, which provide physical and mental endurance, gingko biloba, which helps mental performance, and ginseng, which aids in dealing with stress.  The sweetener comes in the form of organic, Fairtrade raw cane sugar.  Additional antioxidants are provided by pomegranate and elderberry juice. 

Both these drinks are a relatively "healthy" option as a pick-me-up.  One contains caffeine (albeit not synthetic caffeine), the other does not.  Neither contain artificial sweeteners, artificial colourants, artificial flavourings, preservatives, or other toxic chemicals.  I would not recommend having one each day as they do contain sugar or stevia, but as a "once in a while" treat, why not?


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