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My Berry White afternoon drink

Have you experienced mid-afternoon slumps? Do you sometimes feel like snacking but a little voice in your head reminds you that a healthy snack is so much better for you? Are you sometimes thirsty but tired of drinking water?

I experience all of the above at least once a week. Luckily, I recently found a vitamin and energy boost in the shape of a bottle. No, it is not what you think... My drink has white tea and berries in it.

Berry White Organic Drink is a still fruit drink with white tea and herbal extracts. What is the big deal about white tea? White Tea contains nutrients and antioxidants that help the body protect itself from DNA oxidation, which accelerates ageing and causes disease. White Tea can also lower blood pressure and lower cholesterol. Finally, white Tea is a great antibacterial and antiviral tonic.

That is not all. The berries in my drink include goji berries, blueberry, cranberry, elderberry, and acai berry.These are called "Superfruit" as they are believed to have higher than average levels of vitamins, pro-vitamins, minerals, soluable dietary fibre and antioxidants. The various different minerals in these superfruit can also aid in lowering blood pressure, cholesterol and blood sugar levels.

Last good bit: no added sugar, no 'fruit extract', no colourings, no preservatives, organic, and no artificial sweeteners. What is there not to like?

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