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My new favourite yoghurt

Last summer, I went to the Battersea Food Fair for the first time. It was a beautiful sunny day, which makes one fall in love with London all over again and see life in a more radiant light.

The fair was abuzz with busy stalls, children running underfoot and hungry visitors sampling nibble-size foods. From a distance, a grass-covered mini caravan caught my eye. As I approached it, I noticed that a yoghurt brand, The Collective Dairy, was being sampled. I was immediately engaged by a young and springy woman clad in a CD (not Christian Dior…) T-shirt. We started a conversation and she explained to me the benefits of this amazing yoghurt.

Being a nutritionist and a foodie, I am always on the lookout for great tasting food with the added benefit of being nutritious and wholesome.This yoghurt was wholesome with only natural ingredients but was still relatively high in sugar and fat. It looked to me like a “new and improved” version of Muller yoghurt. Skeptical but always willing to be proven wrong, I sampled the Passion Fruit yoghurt. It happens to be their bestseller.

My cynicism stopped in its tracks. The Collective Dairy does not proclaim itself as low-fat, low-sugar, or low-calorie. And that is fine. It is honest, deliciously smooth and tasty. No nasties, no unnecessary added bits… Just pure and simple yoghurt with a fruity twist. The texture is second to none and the passion fruit seeds add a bit of crunch. Needless to say, the Collective Dairy is on my weekly shopping list now. It has become my staple treat to be eaten in moderation. My family is barred from reaching for my tub in the fridge. It is MY yoghurt.


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