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Foodie heaven refers to my indulgent side.  Here I talk about food products that I love, food fairs and markets that I have visited and culinary extravaganzas that I have experienced.  

Earlier this year, I had the immense pleasure and privilege of meeting Michel Roux Jr. and Monica Galetti. These renowned (and heavily televised) chefs were hosting a cooking extravaganza in a stunning location in Clapham, called Cactus Kitchens. For those in the know, Cactus TV is an independent TV production company which films popular cooking programs, such as Saturday Kitchen. It was with bated breath that I entered this mecca of TV production.

I took part in the Chocolate Tour of London in April. About fifteen participants gathered in front of the Algerian Coffee Store renowned since 1887 for its chocolate covered coffee beans.

After a brief introduction by our enthusiastic guide, Becky, we ambled like obedient lambs behind her. First stop, just a few paces away: Hotel Chocolat.

Last summer, I went to the Battersea Food Fair for the first time. It was a beautiful sunny day, which makes one fall in love with London all over again and see life in a more radiant light.

The fair was abuzz with busy stalls, children running underfoot and hungry visitors sampling nibble-size foods. From a distance, a grass-covered mini caravan caught my eye. As I approached it, I noticed that a yoghurt brand, The Collective Dairy, was being sampled. I was immediately engaged by a young and springy woman clad in a CD (not Christian Dior…) T-shirt. We started a conversation and she explained to me the benefits of this amazing yoghurt.

Cho Gazpacho logo
Are you a gazpacho fan? Do you miss soup during the summer months? If you have answered, “yes” to both these questions, you are in for a treat! There is a new product on our shelves called Cho! Gazpacho.

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