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I took C. to Spring this year for his birthday.  Located in the stunning and iconic Somerset House on the Thames, it is a special place that was on my list for quite a long time.  The evening was a big success on all accounts: great table, beautiful food, new wine tastings and an all-round good time.

Spring has been around for less than a year.  What really makes Spring stand out is its head chef: Skye Gyngell. Skye is one of Britain’s most respected chefs, known primarily for her role of head chef at Petersham Nurseries in Richmond, London.  It was at there that she became renowned for her distinctively seasonal, elegant cooking, creating dishes inspired by what she saw growing and blossoming around her.  Spring is her first venture out on her own and it is a delight.

Spring has an exquisitely discreet luxurious feel; the walls are a very pale blue and the secondary hues are black, white and dark beige.  Stunning floral pieces adorn the dining area and the bar comprises a large cut of white and grey marble.  The colour scheme and materials create a subtle, elegant and calming environment.  Our table was very central, located by a large round bay window, which offered light and a great view of the restaurant.  We were also set apart from the rest of the patrons, which is always wonderfully romantic. The service at Spring is professional and discreet and the staff know every aspect of the dining experience down to its finest details.  We had an amazing sommelier who invited us to branch out and try out some of his small winery wines.  A treat! 

The menu offers inventive dishes, with a focus on fresh, seasonal produce.  A sample of the menu reads as follows:


Pasta rags with roasted datterini, marjoram and ricotta salata 

Burrata with Culatello, Honeymoon melon and rose syrup  

Wild salmon carpaccio with pickled green tomatoes and crème fraîche   



Monkfish with borlotti, datterini, rocket and salmoriglio 

Fillet of beef with brown butter, anchovies, bitter greens and slow cooked courgettes  

Chickpea and heirloom carrot curry with spiced yoghurt and flat bread   

Rabbit with saffron, tomatoes, cucumbers and soft white polenta   


Lemon tart with gooseberry compote and elderflower cream   

Rose set cream with white peach and Moscato sorbet   



The food at Spring is mouthwatering and original.  The presentation is divine and the flavours complement each other to perfection.  The cooking is heartfelt and wholesome, and clearly prepared by a team of people who are passionate about what they do.  Spring has made it into my Top 10 restaurants.  I will return. 



(photos courtesy of the restaurant's own website & other sources)  

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