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On a recent trip to Paris, C. and I tried a new restaurant a stone’s throw from Montmartre.  The 9th arrondissement is a busy Parisian neighbourhood with lots of delis, artisanal bakeries, cafes and little eateries.  Even more perfect, it was a short walk from the place we were staying.

Caillebotte is an up-and-coming brasserie, named after the famous painter renowned for his depiction of the construction of St Lazare Station.  Caillebotte placed himself between the impressionist era and the modernist movement.  One foot entrenched in tradition, one foot entrenched in modernity... Not dissimilar to what the restaurant aims to achieve.

Caillebotte has an intimate feel with few tables and an open kitchen with counter, inviting patrons to have a peak at what is happening behind the scenes.  The staff is friendly and knowledgeable (a pleasant surprise in Paris where service is “hit or miss”).  As in many such distinguishable eateries, the menu also offers the option of “going blind” i.e. trusting the chef and embarking on a culinary journey without knowing what is in store.  C. and I opted for the latter.  Why not?


Throughout the evening, we were invited to discover delectable combinations and beautiful creations.  Our menu read something like this:


Clams, razor clam, Brussels sprouts, chorizo and broth


Pot au feu, vegetable ravioli, marrow and broth


Turbot, parsley puree, butter beans, cress and bacon

Suckling pig, celeriac and coffee mash, gravy

Camembert, goat’s cheese coated in ash, Tome with Espelette



Chocolate ganache with walnut crumble and vanilla ice cream



The portions were perfectly sized to allow for six consecutive dishes (!).  The service was well-timed and allowed us to enjoy a relaxing evening of good conversation, great wine and excellent food.   

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