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Dining out is one of my great pleasures in life. I love to discover new places and return to favourite haunts.  The places that I write about have one thing in common: the love of exceptional quality ingredients brought together in an inspiring and delectable way.  

Spring Restaurant


On a recent trip to Paris, C. and I dined in a truly exceptional restaurant. We were so enthralled with our dining experience that we decided to include it in our Top 5 restaurants of all time. This list includes unique dining experiences such as a shojin ryori (vegetarian Buddhist cuisine) restaurant in Tokyo and a small hidden-away gem in Modica, Sicily. So making our Top 5 says something about this place.


Vivant, a fairly recent addition to the restaurant scene in Paris has had us intrigued. Located in the 10th arrondissement not far from the Canal St. Martin, an up-and-coming area of Paris,this little restaurant has started making a name for itself. The fact that it was located next door to the hotel C. and I chose to stay in was an added bonus ... no late-night taxis, no walking down rain sopped streets, just a quick stroll to our room next door. Fantastique!

I have to admit that I have dined at Dishoom a few times. You could say that it has been tried and tested. The first time was with a group of friends after seeing a play in the West End. The buzz of the place and the round table right by the window looking out onto a busy London street certainly added to the ambiance and the general good feeling of the evening.

Not everyone was keen to share so I only sampled one dish. I figured I had to go back a second time.

A little Japanese cafe opened recently in my neighbourhood. Finally! It used to be a kids' cafe and play area, and then it closed for almost a year. I waited and pondered what would take its place. Oh surprise! Almost tentatively, a cute little café opened its doors. I say this because I walked past it a few times without even noticing…

Lagu Cafe from the Street

Brunswich House Cafe exterior


Brunswick House is an odd duck. First, there is the matter of its location. Right on the busy Vauxhall roundabout, this out-of-place house stands on its own. Then, there is the matter of the premises itself. Nestled in the midst of quirky antiques and one-of-a-kind objects, the restaurant appears as if out of a dream. Mismatched tables and chairs, hanging objects from the ceiling, and a narrow stage at the back, all create an impression of bohemian decadence and controlled chaos. But do not fear, it is all part of the experience.

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