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Mascara worth a second glance


When it comes to makeup, I am quite a mascara fiend.  It is my one "must wear" product that I do not leave the house without.  Some women opt for lipstick, I opt for mascara.  As a result, I have tried most beauty brands out there.  Many duty free shops have had me browsing for the next big thing in mascara.  Now lets face it, there are only three true components to a good mascara: (1) the formula (not clumpy, long-lasting, colouring), (2) the brush (providing length, volume, or body), and (3) the colour (classic black, discreet brown, flashy blue and other more obscure colours).  And yes, for many there is the packaging, reflecting the coveted brand.

As of late, I have been looking for a mascara that contains less "harmful" chemicals.  All of a sudden, there were far fewer options.  It is with non-contained enthusiasm that I found out that Neal's Yard was launching its first mascara.  

Neal's Yard has a long-standing reputation as a beauty brand with the expertise of the apothecary (the recognisable blue bottle is a tip of the hat to that trade) and a deep-rooted holistic approach to health and beauty.  Since they opened their first shop in Covent Garden in 1981, they have stayed true to that vision: discovering and delivering natural ways to improve health and wellbeing through outstanding natural and organic skincare products.

I had to get my hands on one! 

My first positive impression was upon discovering the brush.  It looks like a fine and delicate comb with very little product residue on it.  Upon application, it literally combs the lashes apart whilst applying a thin layer of mascara.  The end result is long, well-defined, clumb-free eyelashes.  Love at first sight!

On top of the impressive finish, Neal's Yard lengthening mascara contains 78% organic ingredients and 5% natural minerals. The formula is enriched with a thickening tetra peptide (a peptide containing 4 amino acids), omega-rich argan oil and antioxidant white tea.  Furthermore, it contains no parabens, no silicones and no BHT.

This product gets a thumbs up from me, combining performance with natural beauty.

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