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Gentle Eye Makeup Remover


In my quest for natural beauty products that are kind to the skin and deliver results, I have come across this eye makeup remover.  I used to buy mass market brands but as of late, I have shied away from harsh ingredients.  This is where the brand "Avene" stepped in.

The Avene Dermatological Hydrotherapy Centre in France has treated sensitive skin for over two centuries.  Using the soothing properties of Avene thermal spring water, Avene has created a complete line of skincare products dedicated to sensitive and problem skin.  As a result, their products do not contain parabens and they are all hypoallergenic.  Avene's Gentle Eye Makeup Remover is a gorgeous product.  Its formula contains no harsh chemicals and removes eye makeup softly and efficiently.  Its light, non-oily gel glides on the eyelid and does not leave an oily residue or sting and irritate the eye.  It really works and it works in a more natural and soothing way.  I actually look forward to that time of day when I remove my mascara and eye makeup.  It is a pampering treat, not just a must-do routine.


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