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Beauty can be achieved in a natural and healthy way.  Here I write about products that I believe in and that I have tested.  I intuitively turn to beauty products that contain as few chemicals as possible, yet that deliver results in a holistic and wholesome way.


When it comes to makeup, I am quite a mascara fiend.  It is my one "must wear" product that I do not leave the house without.  Some women opt for lipstick, I opt for mascara.  As a result, I have tried most beauty brands out there.  Many duty free shops have had me browsing for the next big thing in mascara.  Now lets face it, there are only three true components to a good mascara: (1) the formula (not clumpy, long-lasting, colouring), (2) the brush (providing length, volume, or body), and (3) the colour (classic black, discreet brown, flashy blue and other more obscure colours).  And yes, for many there is the packaging, reflecting the coveted brand.

As of late, I have been looking for a mascara that contains less "harmful" chemicals.  All of a sudden, there were far fewer options.  It is with non-contained enthusiasm that I found out that Neal's Yard was launching its first mascara.  


This Christmas, I received Tata Harper's Repairative Moisturiser from my sister-in-law, Alicia. Alicia lives in New York (one of my favourite cities) and is always in the know of great new finds. Tata Harper is one of those amazing finds. Perfect for the winter months, this ultra-hydrating moisturiser is formulated for dehydrated skin, cold weather or dry climates. Do you tick most of those boxes? I certainly do!

I heard about Goé Oil from Imelda Burke, an inspiring expert in organic beauty. This oil is one of her indispensable beauty products, which she always has on hand (literally!). That endorsement was enough to bring me to her shop, Being Content.

The rms illuminator is a little wonder in a jar. It has quite a following amongst fashionistas and models as an instant "luminizer." I had to get my hands on one to prove the theory.

On my birthday this year, C. (my better half) gave me Nourish Argan Skin Rescue. I have to admit that it had been on my “Wish List” for quite some time. So what is so special about this skin rescue treatment? Firstly, it contains argan oil, which is deeply moisturising and rich in Omega 6 essential fatty acids.

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