Eat Well Live Well

Beauty can be achieved in a natural and healthy way.  Here I write about products that I believe in and that I have tested.  I intuitively turn to beauty products that contain as few chemicals as possible, yet that deliver results in a holistic and wholesome way.


Finding a natural, yet performant deodorant is not an easy task.  I had heard of this brand before but never truly looked into what was special about it.  Now I know. 


I came across this moisturiser in a little country shop in the Lake District in England.  Far out, believe me.  It turns out it is quite a known and popular brand but I thought I had found a rare gem.  The name "This Works" is intriguing, to say the least.


In my quest for natural beauty products that are kind to the skin and deliver results, I have come across this eye makeup remover.  I used to buy mass market brands but as of late, I have shied away from harsh ingredients.  This is where the brand "Avene" stepped in.


Who has time to cleanse nowadays?  I am not talking about removing makeup before going to bed but cleansing your skin before applying moisturiser in the morning.  Well, I am a convert and it is all down to one product: Oskia Perfect Cleanser.  This is not your everyday cleanser, this is a nourishing balm and cleanser in one.  


It is a hard learned reality that the face reflects the sign of times gone by.  Lets admit it to ourselves, we are not getting any younger.  There is no longer an excuse for not looking after oneself.   It is for that reason that I am always on the look-out for new and innovative skin products that are good for the skin.  I opt for paraben and phthalates-free products that do not contain synthetic colouring or perfume.  Our world is toxic enough!  

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