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These are the 6 things I love this month.  They are related to health, beauty, design and nutrition.  I hope they give you a few ideas of your own.


1. Flaxseed Oil.  Everything has been said about flaxseed oil.  It is one of the richest "fish free" sources of Omega 3 fatty acids.  It contains an ideal balance of Omega 3, 6 and 9 and is also rich in lignans and phytochemicals, which can be helpful in balancing the body's hormones.  When cold pressed, its nutritive properties are maintained. I use it daily in everything from my morning smoothie to my salad dressing.  You cannot go wrong. 











2. On-line grocery shopping.  Oh what a joy it is when my groceries arrive at 8 a.m. on a Saturday morning.  No sleeping in in the Bona household!  The novelty of answering the door in one's PJs and taking freshly delivered groceries into the kitchen... Amazing.  No more endless queues at tills, pushing your way through crowded aisles, searching in vain for the one mystery ingredient that is stocked in aisle 24.  Not for me, not if I can avoid it.  I am much happier to see my delivery man show up at my door with a smile and a handful full of grocery bags.  Now that is convenience!











3. Piquadro laptop bags.   I get a little bored of walking behind office types with black leather laptop bags.  There must be more colour and innovation in the world of office leather accessories?  Yes, the good old Italians have come up with a solution once again.  Piquadro offer a range of leather goods created and produced for the modern and picky consumer.  Their bags are practical, yet attractive.  And they come in many fun colours ;-)  Thank you, Piquadro.









4. Tyrell's crisps.  From time to time, I crave potato chips (or crisps as they are called here).  I have no desire to munch on the standard salt & vinegar or salty crisps though.  I reach for the more distinctive.  Tyrell's is one of those brands that brings the consumer to the old-fashioned crips.  Crisps as they should be.  Natural, based on whole potatoes (with skin!) and cooked in good quality sunflower oil.  My favourite are Sweet Chilli and Red Pepper and Smoked Paprika.  If I am feeling more "holy", I will have their veg crisps ;-) 









5. Graham & Green Birdcage lamp.  This wire cage is home to a menagerie of pretty coloured birds made with real feathers.  Stunning and delicate, it will find a home in any playful room.









6. The sound of a young child laughing ;-)



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