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These are the 6 things I am keen to share with you this month.  They are related to health, beauty, design and nutrition.  I hope you find them inspiring.


1. Kitchen scale.  One of the essential tools in my kitchen;  really useful for measuring and much more precise than a cup measurement.  I turn to my kitchen scale for most of my baking and bread-making. 












2. Canelé.  This is a delicacy from the region of Bordeaux, in France.  They look like little mounds and taste of burnt caramel.  Their texture is spongy and rich, and I crave them when I spot them!  Hard to find but worth the search.










3. CE Ferulic by SkinCeuticals.  A little miracle potion in a bottle.  This beauty product contains a high potency triple antioxidant treatment.  It comes in a liquid form and one drop is enough to treat the delicate areas of the face.  Great as a primer under my daily moisturiser.  










4. Branksome China.  Handmade in Stoke-on-Trent in England, this china is beautifully crafted.  It comes in all sort of colour combinations but I love their forest green and sahara white. See below.  







5. Dairy-Free coco milk.  My friend Anne B. introduced me to this milk at her house one day.  It is the perfect milk substitute as it is milky and rich but without the dairy. Surprisingly, it does not taste of coco but rather an unsweetened version of milk.  I pour it onto my cereal and add it to my morning coffee.  On top of its great taste, it contains as much calcium and Vitamin B12 as milk, with added Vitamin D as a bonus.  It also contains short chain fatty acids which are easily assimilated by the body and converted into energy.  Triple bonus!










6. Straight Up.  The Collective Dairy has come up with another yoghurt sensation!  An unsweetened gourmet yoghurt with a sharp, tangy taste.  They use a traditional culture reminiscent of Bulgarian yoghurt.  The result is creamy, rich and fantastically tasty.  Ideal with granola or fresh fruit or as a side with curry or fajitas.  Versatility in a pot.


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