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November '14

To kick off the month of November, here are the 5 things I am inspired by.  With Christmas just around the corner, my list is growing... my wish list relates to fashion, beauty and food.  I hope you get a few ideas of your own.

1. Yew bonsai tree.  This little tree is brilliantly conceived and beautifully designed.  It is maintenance-free, fun to assemble and it will add a "wow" factor to any room.  I can't wait to get my hands on one.











2. Oskia Renaissance Mask: designed to increase cell turnover and boost radiance, this luxurious exfoliating mask leaves the complexion smoother, more refined and illuminated.  Who would not want that?









3. Hand in hand gloves: these handmade gloves are perfect to hold little hands on colder days.  Your little ones will be fighting over who gets to hold your hand.  Milk it while it lasts!











4. Gabalong tea: this amazing oolong tea contains levels of Gamma Amino Butyric Acid up to ten times that found in other high quality teas. GABA is so good for us: it lowers blood pressure and increases levels of human growth hormone, which can help burn fat, improve energy levels, cardiac output, memory and endurance.  A cup a day to keep the doctor away!











5. Moo Dairy free chocolate: this milk chocolate is dairy free, gluten free, organic and vegan and it actually tastes like milk chocolate. To achieve this, cows' milk has been replaced with rice milk to create a delicious, milk chocolate taste.  I prefer dark chocolate but I think this is a great initiative to please all those chocolate addicts who are lactose- or gluten- intolerant or vegan.


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