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These are the 6 things I am loving this month.  They are related to beauty, cooking and nutrition.  I hope that some of them peak your interest.


1. Plenish raw juice.  These raw unpasteurised juices are great for a mid-afternoon snack or as part of a cleansing regime.  I love the cashew milk and green juice; one keeps me satiated, the other gives me a vitamin boost.  And now they are available off the shelf in most health food stores.  Perfect.











2. Aesop Deodorant.  This spray has a fresh Vetiver scent, suitable for both men and women.  Finally, a unisex deodorant!  More importantly, it is also aluminium-free and formulated with eleven essential oils.  Good for your skin too.











3. Purple carrots.   Carrots come in a range of colours - such as purple, yellow and red - and each contain a variety of antioxidants lending them their colour (anthocyanin in purple carrots, for example).  Carrots also contain fiber, vitamin K, potassium, folate, manganese, phosphorous, magnesium, vitamin E and zinc.  Above all, they are versatile and can be eaten raw, steamed or added to any vegetable dish for colour and texture.














4. Cooked, by Michael Pollan.  Meeting cooks from all over the world, Pollan shows us how cooking is at the heart of our culture and how it fundamentally shapes our lives.  Interesting and intriguing read.











5. Mange Tout, by Bruno Loubet.  Bruno Loubet is the chef behind the innovative restaurant, Grain Store, in North London.  Bruno Loubet has heroed the vegetable in his menu and it is a true delight.  This is his cookbook and I turn to it often for inspiration. 











6. A big smile when I am feeling low ;-)



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