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These are the 6 things I am loving this month.  They are related to fashion, beauty, design and nutrition.  I hope they inspire you as they have inspired me.


1. Baobab.  Baobab is a superfruit, which is high in vitamin C, Potassium, Calcium and fibre.  It is ideal for use in smoothies, granolas, yoghurt or as a baking ingredient.  I add it to my morning power shake.










2. JCrew Collection trousers.  J Crew have come a long way from an "everyday" brand to a more stylish and daring brand.  These Pajama collection trousers are stunning; wide-legged  lustrous silk foulard with deep, dramatic pleats.  The print is a blend of silver, navy blue and red.  Stunningly different.











3. Absolution Moisture Drenching Serum.   This is one of my new finds.  It is packed with nutrients and minerals and feels amazing.  The serum texture is silky smooth and my skin absorbs it in a flash.  See what I have to say about it, here.











4. Aspace "Tessera" curved shelves.  Made in Italy (and to order), I had to wait a long time to finally see the end result on the wall.  I love them.  They come in 8 different colours and work beautifully together.  They are fun, whimsical and colourful.  Ideal for any child's bedroom.










5. Sunflowers.  The fields were in full bloom in July and the sight of all these tall flowers turned to the sun never ceases to amaze me.  Sunflowers bring colour and sunshine into the home and that is a wonderful thing.








6. Fresh avocado and feta on sourdough toast ;-)



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