Eat Well Live Well


Welcome to Eat Well Live Well.  My name is Yasmina Thumas Bona and I am a self-proclaimed ‘foodie with a conscience’! I started out as a fussy eater as a child but grew to love food, becoming an “I will try anything” crusader as an adult. Food is central to my life: I think about breakfast before I am even fully awake, I will imagine lunch mid-morning and, as a mom, I am planning dinner the day before yesterday.  

My ‘gourmet outlook on nutrition’ means one main thing: I am happiest when I eat food that is flavourful and wholesome using exceptional quality ingredients, that are; 

Locally sourced or sustainably farmed,
Good for you;
Prepared with passion and love; and
Enjoyed in great company in inspiring surroundings.


Does that strike a chord with you?  I hope that Eat Well Live Well will enthuse you and set you on a path less explored. 

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